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photography by ian brown

About Me...

photography by michel dauda

Love. Creativity. Community.​

i'm here to help make this world a better place. one of the ways i do this is by inciting positive change through reflecting the world we live in via the art of storytelling... whether that be through acting, writing, directing, music, dance or design, i feel immense joy, a deep adventurous sense of growth, and profound gratitude for all of the projects i am blessed to be a part of. they teach me about this complex world we live in. they teach me about what it is to be of my highest self in any moment. they teach me of all the ways we are similar in our stories. of all the ways we are intrinsically one. no matter what we do. what we believe. what we've been through. or where we come from. and for this i am truly grateful.

thank you so much for visiting my site. 

and enjoy the stories it takes you through. 

in love & light...



photography by michel dauda




Noble Caplan Abrams Talent Management

​1260 Yonge St, 2nd Floor

Toronto ON M4T 1W6

O. 416.920.5385 F. 416.920.6343


Film/TV/Theatre ~ Rich Caplan

Voice ~ James Crammond

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